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Client: Congreso de Latinos Unidos, Philadelphia, PA
Job: Replacement of a 120-ton air-cooled chiller

Congreso de Latinos Unidos hired a contractor to replace a large compressor in the chiller for their rooftop HVAC unit. Unfortunately, replacing the compressor caused the aging HVAC system to fail: package chiller, cooling tower and pumps.

A call went out to Chadwick Services and we recommended that they replace their old HVAC equipment with a new, York 120-ton air cooled chiller and pump.

Chadwick removed and disposed of the old HVAC equipment, then installed the new cooling and heating system in a blazing fast 5 days. This included lifting the 120-ton air-cooled chiller onto the roof of the building. Congreso de Latinos Unidos noticed immediate gains in efficiency and they’re now much more comfortable in their building.

This is why we always say, if your HVAC equipment is aging, call a professional, commercial HVAC contractor in Philadelphia to get the job done correctly the first time. And you should always have an annual maintenance agreement on your commercial HVAC so your contractor can address problems during inspections before they turn into system failures.