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HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) preventative maintenance is so much more important to your organization’s functionality than you might think.

If you’ve ever gotten a splinter in your life, you know the importance of removing it as quickly as possible. It may be a small and insignificant wound, but what happens to small and insignificant wounds when they’re not treated? They grow, they swell, they get infected, and they become so much worse than they originally were. The very same principle applies to HVACR preventative maintenance. If small clogs and other minor damages aren’t treated properly, they grow into money-sucking catastrophes that could ultimately cost you your entire HVACR unit.

With HVACR preventative maintenance, your HVACR equipment will last longer.

Plain and simple. Equipment longevity and reliability are absolutely essential for any business. Lack of reliable equipment directly affects core functionality and, in the long run, will cost you more money than it will save. There’s an old military saying that’s still popular today: “Take care of your equipment and your equipment will take care of you.” HVACR units are no different.

Anything from food wrappers and dust bunnies to insects and dead skin cells can get sucked into and clog your HVACR over time. On top of that, rust, broken bolts and screws, and loose bearings can increment potential damage even more.

Similar to how a car mechanic takes care of your vehicle and solves problems you didn’t know existed, HVACR professionals will take care of your HVACR unit and prevent the small things from turning into those big money-sucking things.

Smooth-running HVAC equipment equals cheaper utility bills.

HVACR preventative maintenance keeps your units running consistently and efficiently.

Why do we bother with equipment maintenance in the first place? To make sure that our equipment runs smoothly, continuously, and efficiently for as long as possible. By avoiding HVACR maintenance, you’re making your equipment work harder and, as a result, running up your energy bills.

Simply keeping your equipment clean can go a long way, as well. Purchasing quality filters and changing them out quarterly will save you long-term dollars, on top of what HVACR preventative maintenance can do for you in the long term.

The air you breathe will be cleaner and healthier.

How does the air you breathe affect how much money you save? Think of it this way: The health of your employees depends on the cleanliness of your building. If your employees are breathing in dirty, poorly filtered air for long periods of time, illness, most especially those that are respiratory, will set in. And when your employees are calling out sick, who’s there working?

HVACR preventative maintenance can stop that nightmare from ever becoming a reality. Moreover, if your employees are beginning to notice your poor-quality air and see how it’s affecting their work environment, you may lose some people. Would you want to work somewhere that doesn’t maintain healthy air quality for its employees?

So start saving money with Chadwick.

HVACR preventative maintenance isn’t all that we do: If you’re still not convinced, check out what we can do for you, your HVACR system, your plumbing, and more. We’d be more than happy to work with you (and save you some money along the way).