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Indoor Air Quality and Student Health/Performance

A school’s environment is more important to academic performance along with staff productivity and retention than you think. Besides absenteeism for obvious health concerns like asthma and respiratory illnesses, a child’s actual concentration and performance are affected.

Studies show that improving school conditions helped raise standardized tests. They also show that students work and learn faster with higher ventilation. Students perform the best at 72 degrees and are negatively impacted with higher and lower temperatures. Both temperature and humidity affect a child’s concentration.

Unfortunately, many schools across the country have outdated ventilation systems and aren’t regularly maintained, making teachers and students spend on average 180 days a year in an unhealthy environment.

To reduce these risks, classroom environments need to be held to the same standard as office buildings. School buildings need routine maintenance to prevent and eliminate humidity and mold spores that run prevalent because of low ventilation rates.

Proper ventilation, HVAC maintenance, and temperature play a significant role on the impact of student health and performance. 

Chadwick Service Company can help. We are a commercial HVAC service and maintenance leader who has served the Philadelphia region for over 40 years. Trust us to keep your school running safely and comfortably

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