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Schools are unique buildings. They hold four times as many occupants as offices for the amount of floor space, and they hold many pollutant sources in them such as art and science materials, gymnasiums, and industrial and vocational arts. This is a scary thought as indoor air pollutants are 2-5 times higher than outdoors.

Good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is crucial to regulate because it facilitates a favorable learning environment and productivity for educators and staff. If not, IAQ can lead to adverse effects such as health, education, and cost. It is important to have good IAQ management to control airborne pollutants, distribute outdoor air, and maintain proper humidity and temperature. 

Schools must ensure their HVAC system is functioning efficiently and effectively. HVAC systems control temperature and humidity, thermal comfort, distribute and ventilate outdoor air, and remove contaminants through filters and fans.

School officials are encouraged to develop and implement an IAQ Management Plan to prevent, address, and resolve IAQ problems in schools. Periodic inspections, maintaining logs, making necessary repairs, and partnering with skilled HVAC engineers are all useful ways to combat IAQ issues.

Chadwick Service Company’s HVAC services have been helping the Philadelphia area and schools for the last 40 years. Whether it’s new HVAC construction or retrofits, we can provide indoor air quality and comfort solutions.