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Pharmaceutical & Technology

High-performance HVAC systems that adhere to GMP and FDA regulations are critical for environmental control in pharmaceutical and technology facilities. Failure to meet federal quality regulations can put your facility and products at great risk.

Most pharmaceutical manufacturing takes place in large cleanrooms which must meet regulations for temperature, humidity, air pressure, filtration, airflow parameters, and more. The facility’s HVAC system controls the manufacturing environment and impacts the Strength, Identity, Safety, Purity, and Quality (SISPQ) of products. Air quality and sterile conditions are critical.

The same standards hold true for the individual machines in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process – the environment inside these machines must also be controlled to maintain product quality. Even minute fluctuations in moisture and temperature, too slight to be detected by humans, can wreak havoc with medicines and cause sensitive diagnostic machines to fail or adversely affect the integrity of specimens, producing incorrect or invalid results.

Similar standards hold true for the manufacturers of microchips and other highly technical products. Off the shelf HVAC systems are far too simple to meet the stringent quality requirements for these facilities.

Chadwick Service Company has deep expertise in fulfilling the unique environmental control needs of the pharma and technology industries. We plan, design, build, install, and maintain highly intricate environmental systems customized for your facility and applications. Our HVAC solutions are precise and reliable, and absolutely consistent 24/7, regardless of what’s happening outside your doors. And we design our systems to be as invisible as possible to avoid interfering with plant operations and employees.

Our HVAC technicians are trained in what’s required for your pharma or tech facility to meet quality and safety standards and keep it in an inspection-ready state. We’re experts in optimizing your requirements with HVAC capacity to ensure an effective and reliable, energy and water-efficient system.

Our HVAC Services for Pharmaceutical and Tech Facilities Include:

  • Mechanical contracting services
  • Air filtration and environmental systems customized for your applications
  • Cleanroom design (all classifications)
  • Multiple stage HEPA air filters
  • Air systems compliant with GMP regulations
  • Controls for airborne particles, dust, and microorganisms
  • Controls to maintain delta P, relative humidity, and temperature
  • Make-up air filtration
  • Once-Thru HVAC systems
  • Recirculated HVAC systems
  • Constant Volume Systems with Terminal Reheat (CVRH)
  • Variable Air Volume Systems (VAV)
  • Chilled water plants
  • Steam and hot water plants
  • Automatic optimization controls
  • Fault detection
  • Energy dashboards
  • Continuous measurements of system inputs
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