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Our Awards

At Chadwick Service Company, we actively, systematically and continually strive to ensure the safety of all our employees. Our clients have very high safety standards, so we constantly keep an open line of communication with them. Working within our client’s guidelines while at their facility is our number one priority.

We do this by setting our safety standards high and working everyday as a team to achieve these standards. We continually educate all of our technicians, field representatives and office staff by hosting mandatory quarterly offsite safety meetings. These meetings include various safety topics, current issues, and encourage frank and open discussion among all employees for innovative ideas.

Our state certified safety committee meets monthly to keep safety in the forefront of everyone’s mind. The committee reviews industry trends, as well as changes instituted by OSHA. They also listen to any concerns employees may have and, with the safety manager, work to find resolutions.

Our technicians in the field know that their safety is our main concern, and that we will work with them and for them to ensure they have all of the tools and information they need to stay safe on the job.

From the MCAA (Mechanical Contractors Association of America) 2016 Safety Excellence

From the MSCA (Mechanical Service Contractors of America) 2017 Safety Recognition Incidence Rate Below 25% of the industry average