HVAC Service and Maintenance

At Chadwick Service Company, we help Philadelphia area companies and organizations maintain and efficiently operate all the HVAC systems within their facilities. We provide a premium level of HVAC service with unparalleled reliability.

For businesses that participate in our quarterly inspections, we’ll thoroughly inspect your HVAC equipment for planned maintenance services, clean your system, replace air filters, and perform any manufacturer recommended routine maintenance. We’ll also evaluate your entire HVAC system for proper operation and efficiencies. These regular inspections offer our highly trained technicians the opportunity to discover minor problems before they develop into major issues that can result in equipment failure.

From HVAC system installation to routine maintenance, our qualified tech team has the expertise to help ensure your equipment, controls and parts stay in peak working condition.

We offer ongoing maintenance for:

  • Chillers – water cooled, air cooled, absorption
  • Boilers – steam, hot water
  • Burners – gas, oil, dual fuel
  • Cooling Towers
  • Heat Exchangers – plate and frame, shell and tube
  • Fluid Coolers
  • Pumps – base mounted, in-line
  • Fuel Oil Pumps, Tanks
  • Steam Condensate Pumps – electric, steam powered
  • Computer Room Equipment – in-row, below floor, spot coolers
  • Refrigeration – walk in boxes, ice machines, low temp freezers
  • Air Handlers – rooftop packaged units, energy recovery units, indoor units
  • Fans – exhaust, return, process, etc
  • Filtration Systems – water and air
  • Terminal Units – VAVs, VRVs, fan coils, unit heaters, heat pumps
  • Steam Traps, Valves, Actuators, etc.