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Mold issues are a major problem. Indoors especially is where mold spores can grow on anything as they float through the air. This causes health problems from infections, allergies, and skin irritations to respiratory and asthma illnesses.

The answer to stopping and preventing mold is to avoid and control the moisture in the air, including dampness and indoor air quality. This is done by having an effective, functional ventilation and mechanical systems.

Ventilation systems regulate temperature and humidity, eliminate contaminants, and distribute clean outdoor air by moving air to avoid high humidity and cooling the air to eliminate moisture.

Proper inspections and maintenance of HVAC systems should be done regularly to continue providing heating, cooling, and humidification along with filters to catch mold spores.

Chadwick Service Company understands the importance and responsibilities in regulating proper ventilation and eliminating mold issues. With a wide range of experienced knowledge, we can help you monitor, anticipate, and handle any building operations problems that may come your way.

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