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You bit the bullet and found money in the budget to install new HVAC in your building. What a relief. Customers and employees are comfortable and happy once again. Probably the last thing on your mind at this point is having a company perform maintenance on the new HVAC system – after all, it’s working beautifully. But it’s a fact that 90% of all HVAC breakdowns are due to a lack of maintenance, even early in the system’s life.

First-year maintenance on your building's new HVAC system should not be overlooked.

First-year maintenance on your building’s new HVAC system should not be overlooked.

Most building owners wait a year or two before contracting with an HVAC company for an annual maintenance contract. But conducting routine maintenance on your new HVAC equipment is critical during the first year to discover undetected problems (this service is very different than what the mechanical contractor is responsible for). Think of it this way – when you buy a new car, you have a mechanic look under the hood every few months, check filters, tire pressure, fluid levels. Same goes for your building’s new HVAC system – it’s loaded with mechanical parts which all need to function perfectly to keep operating efficiently, much like your automobile’s engine.

During first-year HVAC maintenance, a trained technician will make sure:

  • No parts were damaged during shipping or installation
  • Compressors are running properly and efficiently
  • Air filters are clean and are not contributing to low air flow or condensing coil freeze ups.
  • Condensate lines are installed correctly and are not clogged (water damage may be the result)
  • Blower wheels are free of dirt from construction/installation (dirty wheels cause higher motor amps)
  • Condensor coils are clean and not increasing head pressure
  • All units and equipment are operating efficiently to maximize energy savings
  • IAQ is being delivered as promised

Every HVAC equipment manufacturer has a list of recommended maintenance procedures for their equipment. These checklists and procedures should be followed from day one by the HVAC company contracted to perform your annual maintenance. Sticking to these procedures not only keeps your warranty validated but also allows a technician to discover any minor problems today that may turn into major problems in a year.

A new HVAC system is a very significant expenditure for any company. An HVAC annual maintenance agreement started shortly after installation ensures that you’ll continue to get the most value from your investment for many years to come. Call Chadwick Service Company now to speak about your annual HVAC maintenance.